Thursday, April 9, 2015

Collaborative Projects Post 4

This has been a rough week.

I filmed Amy as the astronaut like I intended on Friday and it went really well.  However, I have nothing really to show for it because on Saturday I effed up and broke the hard drive for the class - losing the footage.  Ironically, I broke it when I had every intention of transferring the footage to my own hard drive to work on it.  On the bright side - if there is a bright side - most everyone had a back up of their work except for one scene from Marina - who is kind of glad she gets to reshoot because it gives her more time to find props - and the footage of ink dispersing in water.

So in leu of my mistake, I don't have a ton of stuff to show you.  To make up for that, I rendered out the first scene that I have finished.  It's the close up of the rocket with the Pink Floyd name before and just as it starts taking off.

But now that I need to reshoot, it turns out that Amy is in Portland for a little more than a week - so I need to find a substitute astronaut.  Therefore my new astronaut will be Cameron and we'll be filming this Saturday with Karl's help.  This time I will back everything up on the spot.  But since the RED Scarlet is checked out, I will be borrowing Sean's awesome Sony A7S to shoot.

Please God, have everything go well.  I cannot afford to not have this footage.

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