Thursday, April 9, 2015

Collaborative Projects Post 4

This has been a rough week.

I filmed Amy as the astronaut like I intended on Friday and it went really well.  However, I have nothing really to show for it because on Saturday I effed up and broke the hard drive for the class - losing the footage.  Ironically, I broke it when I had every intention of transferring the footage to my own hard drive to work on it.  On the bright side - if there is a bright side - most everyone had a back up of their work except for one scene from Marina - who is kind of glad she gets to reshoot because it gives her more time to find props - and the footage of ink dispersing in water.

So in leu of my mistake, I don't have a ton of stuff to show you.  To make up for that, I rendered out the first scene that I have finished.  It's the close up of the rocket with the Pink Floyd name before and just as it starts taking off.

But now that I need to reshoot, it turns out that Amy is in Portland for a little more than a week - so I need to find a substitute astronaut.  Therefore my new astronaut will be Cameron and we'll be filming this Saturday with Karl's help.  This time I will back everything up on the spot.  But since the RED Scarlet is checked out, I will be borrowing Sean's awesome Sony A7S to shoot.

Please God, have everything go well.  I cannot afford to not have this footage.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Collaborative Projects Post 3

So I have an actress - Amy from Shadowbox - coming in to film tomorrow for my astronaut.  Woot!  I have my storyboards printed out and I'm going to film far to near starting with my wide shots and working toward those close ups.

However, in the meantime, I've been collecting images that I'll be using for the backgrounds.  I've been collecting those from the NASA site because they're free to the public to use.  So let me show you some great images I've found!

And while I was scouring the web for these great images.  I did come across a really awesome photo from NASA's time on the moon - and I find it definitely worth sharing.

And I plan on using this rocket as the spacecraft the astronauts use:

I edited out the stuff that I wouldn't use - such as NASA's name on it and the American flag (Pink Floyd's British) - and I've added the Pink Floyd name onto it like I planned in the animatic.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collaborative Project Post 2

Alright, it's been a week.  So I have an animatic to show - really exciting news!

I have the time counter on the bottom for Shadowbox reference so they know when things are happening in the song - for when they need to know when performing live.  I also have annotations on each of the storyboards detailing what is supposed to be happening on screen.

Now I have started to figure out how this is going to look and Karl and I were filming my friend Haley in the space astronaut suit we borrowed from Phil.  And this is what we've got to show for it:

I am really happy with it and cannot wait until we start filming for real!  Now I just need to contact Shadowbox to get someone who will fit into the costume and borrow some of their instruments to get the ball rolling.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Collaborative Projects Post 1

Well, I guess this is my first post for Collaborative Project's Which One's Pink.  And in case you're new to the story, it's a CCAD collaboration with Shadowbox Live where we're producing the visual images for a Pink Floyd Musical.  So the show is divided into two acts, the first act following Syd Barrett and the second act focuses primarily on Dark Side of the Moon and its connection with the Wizard of Oz - The Dark Side of the Rainbow, as it is commonly known.

But enough about that, let me get to my part.  I have the song In The Flesh (Pt. 2 - because apparently there are two parts, this shows what little Pink Floyd I know!).

Now for In The Flesh, I have this crazy astronaut idea that is a reflection of how the band decided to kick Syd out of the group.  Where they're all playing on the moon and the "Syd" astronaut does something strange and weird - like destroying the moon base, so the rest of the astronauts decide to leave him there and go back to earth.

The style that I'm trying to go for would be along the lines of A Trip to the Moon and the main title sequence to Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll in which there is live-action footage that is green-screened on to flat images.


This ought to be interesting once it's done.  But on the bright side, I have the approval of the leader at Shadowbox to start production!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

D4M Welcome Erasure ● Week 5 ● Final

Alright, so I finally finished it!!  It's not four in the morning, no.  Anyways, here it is.

It has been looped three times, otherwise it is roughly fifteen seconds long.

I'm just going to reiterate that the idea behind this video was to be an opening to a website or the likes (that's why it says welcome).

Monday, December 3, 2012

D4M Welcome Erasure ● Week 4

This is almost the last post of the project.  Whoa.  I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

This week I have been working on the hand.  I know it doesn't look like much.  It's because I'm not done yet, of course.  You'll get the finished goods next week.  Anyways, here it is.

And here's a GIF of it

I was originally trying to get it done in one go, but it took forever to shade in the hands the scratch way, so I began just showing the outlines.  It has not been ghosted yet.  Again, it's not finished.  This is only a sneak peek.

Until next time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

D4M Welcome Erasure ● Week 3

Alright, so I have been working on my little wisp creature this week.  I finished fleshing out all of the boards. I have yet to ghost them.  I'm not sure if my timing is up to snuff though.  I also would like to add a little more fluff when the wisp hits the wall.  Make it hold longer.

I'm trying to look at other videos for references to it.  Here's one that I have found:

I have a very rough video clip of what my hand erasing will look like.  But I think I'm going to retake it the next time I get a hold of a camera because it seems too shaky for me.

I'll be having an eraser in my hand when I draw it out.  I'm not a steady left-hand-camera-holder.  The tripod it'll be.

Until next time.