Monday, October 15, 2012

D4M: Project Lost Files Check-In 2

So, now I'm recapping.  I've been the eavesdropper in the group by being the scribe and I know everything that's going on:

  • Animators are beginning to play around with the characters and they produced a little demo reel.
  • I, along with the head of editorial, created a website.  It wasn't that bad, but when we were editing the design of the website, we ran into a lot of technical difficulties to the point where when we finally succeeded creating the website we envisioned, we were quite ecstatic.
  • You should also note that there's been a rough animatic created for the animation.
  • Also, a Facebook page has been made, YouTube account, and the best of all, a logo.

All of these links are provided on our blog.  However, if you want to go now, they're down below.

YouTube Account
Facebook Page

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