Tuesday, November 27, 2012

D4M Welcome Erasure ● Week 3

Alright, so I have been working on my little wisp creature this week.  I finished fleshing out all of the boards. I have yet to ghost them.  I'm not sure if my timing is up to snuff though.  I also would like to add a little more fluff when the wisp hits the wall.  Make it hold longer.

I'm trying to look at other videos for references to it.  Here's one that I have found:

I have a very rough video clip of what my hand erasing will look like.  But I think I'm going to retake it the next time I get a hold of a camera because it seems too shaky for me.

I'll be having an eraser in my hand when I draw it out.  I'm not a steady left-hand-camera-holder.  The tripod it'll be.

Until next time.

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