Monday, September 17, 2012

D4M: Menagerie ● Week 3

Alright people, so by this week I have narrowed down my ideas to one.  This was actually quite hard for me because while I really liked one idea more than the other, I loved the palette that I had for the rejected concept.  But I couldn't simply just combine the palettes because they would be such an astronomical contrast between the subject matter and the colour palette.  So now you may be asking (Will she ever get to the point?) which idea I chose.

Well, you'll see below that I chose the idea of the hands creating puppet shadows and those shadows come to life.  I'm still not exactly sure how I am going to set this up.  Should I have it so each puppet shadow is an individual image?  Should I have it so that they are all combined and portrayed in one single composition?  I see these choices as my two main options.  I'm just not exactly which way I want it to go.  However, below you may see what it might look like if they were all put together.

I kind of put in a rough colour scheme for the background.  I figured woods for the wolf, grass and greenery for the rabbit and the dark purple as a night sky for the bat.  I may need to re-shoot the wolf hand if I am to collage the images together into one rather long set (seen above) because the lighting seems really off since it's much brighter than the rabbit hand and that's supposedly closer to the light source.  Maybe I can edit it in Photoshop?  Anyway...

I've been working on the bat recently, so I'll give you a little visual of that.  I've been really trying hard to stick to the colour scheme.  But this is still, most definitely, not finished.  I've been working on the bat really close up, and now that I am seeing it smaller up there in the corner, it's really made me consider the lighting.  I'll definitely have to create some sort of depth because right now it seems really flat, which if you consider the wolf, has not been my intention.

I really haven't started much with the rabbit, just the basic positioning of the hand.  I've been mostly taking this one animal at a time.

If you have any feedback for me, I'd love to hear it.

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