Tuesday, September 11, 2012

D4M: Menagerie ● Week 2 Continued

I've been reworking my colour concepts after I finished that last post and I thought that I'd update my visual intentions.

So after a bit of critique today, I came to the understanding that rather than developing a colour scheme from  my artist I should create a palette inspired by the artist.  Not only that, but that the palette should apply continuously through to all of the characters.  It's tough for me to narrow a colour scheme to something that needs to incorporate a lot of things, but still be called a palette, rather than a rainbow.  Anyways...

This will be the palette inspire by Thomas Thesen's work that will be applied to the bird menagerie of characters:

While this next one will be used for my shadow hand puppet illustrations after considering Tom Whalen's scheme from the images of my last post:

After developing the above palette, I wanted to put it to the test immediately.  Since I wasn't very fond of my last scheme that I made for the wolf, I had to shade it greatly from the colour palette that I originally gave it, so I reworked it.  I think it works much better.  I also believe the way I illustrated the wolf conveys better in this piece than the previous one.

I'm not finished yet.  These are all works in progress.  Mistakes are just part of that process.

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