Sunday, September 30, 2012

D4M: Project 2 Proposal

Next on the Agenda, each person must create a proposal for a production.  There may be three winners and therefore three productions created in the class.

My idea consists of short, 2D animated film about small tree people.

The tree people are small, dark men that are born with masks on their face.  In the short, you'll see them performing a ritual dance until a comet falls from the sky and lands in their bonfire.  Smoke and ash rise up in clouds, and when dispersed, you see another tree person crouched where the bonfire used to be.  This is how they are born.  We continue to follow the tree people with their dance until the sun goes up and they morph into trees and rest.

Here are my initial concept sketches:

What a tree person looks like
Example of tree people masks
They circle around the campfire dancing
Example of a dance motion
Comet falling from the night sky towards bonfire
A new tree person is born from the comet and bonfire

Also, this is my organizational flowchart, as well as my timeline, for the said production:

Note that no positions other than Direct, myself, have been chosen.
Organizational Chart


I would love to get some feedback.


  1. Here are my comments from other proposals:

  2. This sounds like a really cool concept! I like the idea of the tree people being born from comets and then changing back into trees when the day comes (that should prove to be an interesting transformation scene).

    1. Thanks Izzy! I was going for an energy movement kind of theme.