Monday, November 12, 2012

D4M: Student Choice Project Proposal

This has been such a difficult concept for me to create.  There's so much out there; however, there isn't a whole lot of time.  So in consideration of all that, this is what I have in mind:

My goal is to create an animation, albeit it may be a rough one, that'll work as a welcome or introduction piece about me.  This would be something you may see at the beginning of a website, or maybe an opening to a biography.

However, I want to do a specific type of animation.  Erasures.  Now, I have dabbled with these before; you can see some of my examples below.

as well as

The first video was the first erasure animation I've ever done.  It's very simplistic, but I want to incorporate its ability to loop in my final project.  The second animation is a bit more stylized, which I want to be the main component in the animation.

Here is an animation that I found that use erasures in the typical charcoal medium.  I plan on using a more computer and graphic approach to the animation.

William Kentridge's "Automatic Writing"

I intend to work along this timeline:

I can't wait to see how this turns out. 

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