Friday, November 2, 2012

D4M: Project Lost Files Check-In 5

This week I finally finished the credits!  Yay!  It only took me 10+ tries to get it right.  But no matter.

We were a bit worried with getting rights to the music we wanted, but we asked the maker and they gave us permission, which is really exciting, because then we don't have to find some other music last minute.

Anyway, I have also worked on colouring scene 14 from our animation.  This is a scene has Lacie (the girl) and the good idea.

The screening for our animation will be taking place next Thursday at the Gateway Film Center.
For more information click here.

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  1. Really like the work you put into the credits. (I actually had to look them up on Dropbox earlier today, and I got a wee bit of a chuckle to see that there were apparently 11 different versions.) I'm really very fond of the rough animation. Using the colors you chose really makes them pop without being too glaring. I really cannot wait to see the finished product.